Parent Policy

24 Hour Rule:

The coach will not talk about baseball with any parent 24 hours before or after competition.  We would be happy to talk with you about your son in any aspect of life except baseball during this time period.

Player Contract:

Upon making the team at any level, the player will sign a contract of what we feel his role on the team is.  If the player is comfortable with the role that has been assigned, he will agree to all terms.  All of these roles are subject to change throughout the course of the season but in some cases they do not.  Keep in mind that we will not discuss playing time with you, we will let you know where your son is lacking and what he needs to do to work his way into more playing time.

Practice/Dugout Policy:

During practice times, parents are allowed to watch practice.  I only ask a couple of things.  Stay out of the way and on the sidelines.  Also, if you are there to watch a majority of the practice, please let your son know that you will be there to observe.  In the past, some players would feel added pressure and not perform to the best of his ability.

During games please stay out of the dugout.  Coaches are trying to get prepared for the next competition and keep our players focused on the task at hand.  We will allow 5-10 minutes between games.

TCAPS only mows the field.  All other duties have been placed on the coaching staff.  I appreciate any help with field maintenance in between games.