Our Expectations

Coaching Expectations:

  • Coaches will work together with loyalty being the key. Team will be a point of emphasis
  • Coaches will teach fundamentals
  • Coaches will be allowed to express themselves to express themselves with direct corrective criticism when coaching players
  • Coaches must truly love what they are doing.
  • As a coach, we must set high expectations for the team and ourselves
  • We must expect to develop young men, win and be willing to put forth the effort necessary to do so.


Player Expectations:

  • Players must be open minded, prepared, and willing to learn the fundamentals of the game.
  • Players must show up to all meetings, practices, and games.
  • Players must respect all coaches, players, and authority figures.
  • Players will abide by academic policy and the school handbook.
  • Players are expected to give full effort on and off the field.
  • Players should have fun. If a player doesn’t have enjoyment in the sport then time is wasted.
    If in the opinion of the athletic department or the coaching staff these are broken, mismanaged, or questioned in any way, the head coach is in charge of all disciplinary actions.