Our Game Rules

Game Rules:

• Nobody argues with umpires or “shows up” an umpire
• Eliminate profanity from your language pattern. Vulgar language can only hurt you
• Nobody throws equipment in anger or frustration
• Always run on and off the field
• You will wear your uniform like a player and take care of your own personal gear
• No disrespect shown toward teammates, coaches, fans, or school official while representing our team.
• Everyone on the team has field responsibilities before and after games
• Anyone failing to hustle on a routine play will be removed from the game
• A pitcher being removed from the game will act in a professional manner. The pitcher will hand the coach or the relief pitcher the ball and then encourage the team

Away Game Rules:

• Always keep buses or vans clean
• When exiting the bus prior to the game, players will be in full uniform except for cleats
• Overnight rules
1. Players will be in their room by 10:00pm
2. If a player decides to leave the hotel, he must leave in a group and sign in/out with head coach
3. If the coach receives a phone call from the front desk about any of his players, conditioning will happen the following morning at 5:00am
4. We are representing ourselves, our school, and our community and will act in a professional manner.